Features and Art


       Unbeknownst to us, we got a notification about being featured in Magazine through  an organization  that has helped us as a startup, Microcredit Montreal.

        I stated when I posted about it on our Instagram page that it was a bit weird, because of the pandemic a lot  has been put on hold and its always  a tricky feeling when you're beginning. Nonetheless, we are very grateful and excited to have been featured! That was the last thing I expected!


     Although the article is in French, the summary is just " 5 businesses  from here  (Quebec) that are black owned- that we love!" . I'm not really sure how they found out  or who suggested us , but we are definitely grateful and really look forward to bring out more products that we know   you'll love!"

Here is the link to the article







     On a side note as well, we decided to also affiliate our business with the art page eelise_ndri on  Instagram. It's the same people behind, but I figured since I do use at times my artwork  in cross promotion with NEFË, why not make it accessible for those who are interested in the prints. You can visit the Instagram page as well as the website here: https://society6.com/eelisendri    if you ever want to  get some prints and more for your  home!


     It's worth checking out if you like colorful  art and everything is in uni sense with the same vibe and values as NEFË. Contemporary. Culture.Vibes.