It's not every day that you have the opportunity to have pieces or items you created in a boutique or a store. Luckily with the help of social media these days, visibility and communication with companies and stores are just at the tip of your fingers! For NEFË, Floh Shoppe allowed us to do just that on January 16, 2020.

      If you're not from the city, Floh Shoppe is “....Montreal's first ever multi-vendor vintage clothing store featuring curated collections from 13 of the best local sellers the city has to offer. Floh Boutique is bringing together small businesses to reinvigorate what was once a thriving clothing retail destination(former location of Urban outfitters) while allowing the mostly online shops to collectively show the fruits of their labor in a brick and mortar setting they could typically not obtain individually...

     If you're into vintage and streetwear (60s to 90s & modern) , this is the place for great finds! 

      Floh allows small businesses like NEFË to showcase items in the boutique for the week. The evening lead us to set up in the middle of the store, shop or look around and just socialize with a few drinks. We had some musical fun times during the little showcase and afterwards. May we say Floh 's music playlist is always fresh while you shop. If you haven't bopped to at least one song while you're in there, you might need to leave the store and come back inside again! There's a sound and an item for everyone!

Touching on the basis of music, we were blessed by the presence of one of our close homie, Panther Matumona. Some of you may have heard his latest single “Matinee”; check out the video below.  He also graced the oh so popular video game NBA 2K19 with the song Battle Royale by Apashe & Panther, and even for the major movie goers, his track Fight heard over the Fast & Furious:Hobbs & Shaw Official franchise Trailer.


Make sure to have a listen, visit his website here and follow him on Instagram right here. You might get lucky and catch that beat that goes hard on one of his stories!

You can also find Floh Shoppe on Instagram right here for any latest popup events!

     Here are some of the pictures of NEFË's Floh (do you get it...? it's funny) that evening! For more  photos, visit us on Instagram  and check out our Events Highlights.
Panther wearing one of our most popular unisex t-shirt 'Love is King'
Spotted: "How to feel " crewneck from NEFË coming soon...
A little snow never stopped anyone! Open everyday .Floh Shoppe : 4311 St-Denis. Montreal, Quebec