"Slow Motion For Me"

 Peep this first, unfortunately this isn't an article about Juvenille's song "Slow Motion"...

     Slow fashion - what is it exactly?  Well it’s an awareness approach to fashion in terms of resources required to make clothing. It focuses on sustainability; it's about the quality instead of quantity. 

        The Slow Fashion encompasses focusing on buying better quality garments that will last longer, and have a better treatment for the people who make your clothes.  It is something that is quite necessary for our planet as opposed to the fast fashion that we’ve seen a lot throughout the years and with a few popular brands that we all know (we won’t be naming them here, you already know them). 

     The term ‘Slow Fashion’ for different companies can take different forms. For some, there will be companies that will use sustainable fabrics or materials for all their products and for others it will just be making their products in limited quantities, using manufacturing companies (local or international) that have a low MOQ (minimum order quantity). The latter may confuse some, but think about it - it gives the company and  their customers an exclusivity and the fact they can have a low MOQ of just 30-50 items per collection, is something to not downplay. The companies will not be needing high minimums, collecting dead stock that will end up ultimately in landfills and low quality products overtime. When you need to keep up with fashion trends, you do a lot by any means necessary.

    -  On that note, Slow fashion doesn't mean boring fabrics or monochromatic color palettes, despite  it being the image or the face of it across social media- There’s more to life than beige, browns, cream and a proper “ you look professional” navy blue.

        At NEFË, our mission has always been to have our items not only in limited quantities in order to keep it exclusive, but to  stray away from being any type of fast fashion brand vibe. We do not restock any sold out products; if we were to do so, it will be at an even lower quantity and only once.  Hence why we have and will have waves of certain collections. 

When items are readily available, they lose their value and hype. We want you to cherish them. Therefore, it’s imperative to genuinely take care of the clothes you love and love to wear.  Once you’re able to do this, reviving them time and time will always give you that “high” you had when you first purchased it.

      As someone who loves to sew, a lot of people assume I have a bunch of clothes  in my closet. Truth be told, that isn’t the case at all. I have a few basics just like everyone else, but a lot of them are key or my favorite items that I own and that I have consciously taken care of over time. I take care of them- therefore when i do decide to wear them, they are just as amazing and fun. The same concept applies when it comes to deciding to sew a piece of clothing. Thought, time and investment.   

        In Foresight,you really have to know and be comfortable in your personal style to  have Slow Fashion integrate seamlessly into your lifestyle. Make it easy on yourself, reflect , deflect the bad vibes and most importantly love yourself. At NEFË, our hope is to be able to be that brand that provides you these cherished pieces in your closet; granted you take care of them of course!