About NEFË


    NEFË is a Canadian based online e-commerce store. The name can seem a bit daunting to say, but it is easily pronounced as “Neh-fay”.  It is derived from contracting the name of the Egyptian queen by the name of Nefertiti (we’ve always had an affinity with her through history and origins).

      NEFË came about from the love of self-expression through art and fashion. We wanted to have a shop where we could recreate our awesome ideas and share it with you. Our items are always available in limited quantities to keep its exclusivity ( you know, that feeling when you know not everyone can get this drip! ). NEFË is very accessible to the everyday person who chooses to express their individuality through their fashion.

      NEFË is a mix of contemporary fashion and accessories influenced by the 70s and 90s, as well as certain cultural aspects from around the world. Although our main target are women, we think of the men too along the way in some pieces! Even though the bulk of the production is made locally, some of our collections are made with international companies, fare trade in order to generate employment in small communities. We try to highlight and participate in events that favor the growth of a community, especially to give opportunities to women. Along the way, we make it our mission to be environmentally conscious through our packaging; who needs all these extra things right?

 Follow us through our journey! We will always have an outfit for you, for the ride.


                                        Contemporary. Culture. Vibes.